Huh? No, no, no you stupid woman...that's not how the game is played. You're supposed to either pretend you didn't see the pap (though your brilliant daughter blew that option when she stared down the lens of the camera with her nauseating fake shy smile)   

or pretend you hate that they've found you when you're just trying to enjoy a beautiful day at a pumpkin patch! In privately glorious private privacy! With your celebrity "grandson", whose face was printed without being obscured, meaning you must have provided signed permission because that's the law for minors being photographed by paparazzi in California!

But meh, who cares...I mean, he's your tenuous link to fame and it's not like anyone would want to harm him​, right?

As long as any media continues to refer to you as a "stylist," this will stay on this site.

September 8, 2017

I just LOVE that this picture won't go away! 


​Expressing my disdain for Briana Jungwirth and her band of losers