You've known this dude for 10 years? LOL he probably had no idea who tf you were when he met you again since you've chopped and changed every part of your face and body.

But OK, I'll play along. Let's get on with it then. 

You were banging him at the same time you were "banging" Louis and now that you're engaged, there will be challenges regarding custody of your "son" and we'll find out new dude is actually the "dad"! Yada yada yada.

How'd I do, script writers?


PS: Pour one out for Utah dude who Briana was calling "home" just a few short months ago. This has gotta sting LOL.

Austin's pic of his little brother sure did get you and your dumb-ass family talking.

Straight from the horse's mouth...and Tammi's and Brett's genes agree.

And here goes Granny, running her mouth again. She really should just stick to making her psychedelic edits and talking about when she fucked Frank Sinatra.

And why is Austin helping so much? Why does Briana need help? It's not like she's got a job to go to .

Aaaaaaand Granny's comments have been deleted 😂

Big bro blanket. 


What a totally normal thing to write about a kid and his uncle.

As long as you continue to be referred to as a "stylist", these images will appear on this site.

I just LOVE that this picture won't go away, as much as she wants it to.

You play, you pay.