You are not wanted. You are not needed. Please just GTFO.

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I’m really trying to get my head around what exactly the purpose of your social media is. With 3+ million followers, you have a platform to do something positive, but you do absolutely nothing. NOTHING. 


You don’t show the tiniest bit of support for your "boyfriend" who makes possible whatever pathetic lifestyle you live.


You don’t give a single insight into your personality or what makes you tick.


There’s no indication that there’s anyone in your life you give a shit about…or who gives a shit about you. 


You don’t even shill anyone’s shitty products.

It’s just selfie after selfie after uber-edited selfie. A vapid, shallow, endless feed of pictures of yourself.


Though really, that’s debatable, because after all the cosmetic surgery, the filters, and the facetuning apps, what’s actually there of…YOU? 


3+ million followers who periodically either hit the like button, unfollow when they’re reminded of the existence of your perfectly useless account, or — and this is the vast majority of them — ignore you altogether.


So much potential to do something positive, but instead your followers get a plastic person living a fabricated lifestyle on a one-way platform. 

Who are YOU?


Imagine telling everyone you're a model and then filling your Instagram with selfies you took in public toilets.